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Windows 11 New Update Is It Worth Install?

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A cumulative update for Windows 11 has been released from Microsoft with security fixes and quality improvements. All of the fixes provided in KB5012643 (Build 22000.675) were also demonstrated in KB5013943 (Build 22000.675) . We will see if it is worth installing Windows 11’s new update.

windows 11 new update
New Update

All About New Windows 11 Update:

The KB5013943 update is part of Patch Tuesday, May 2022, and is a security update, which means you cannot delay it, but you can put it off for a week or so. The installation of the patch may be forced if you delay security updates multiple times.

There are many fixes included in the update, which isn’t a massive update. Although, many bugs have been fixed in this release, including an issue that causes Safe mode to flicker when you open Explorer.exe, Start menu, and notification center.

Download Link:

You can download a newly released update from here. It’s an x64 bit setup that sizes up to 300MBs.

What’s New?

Bing-powered Windows Search will now be available to more users. In addition, the search highlights feature will likely appear after every major cumulative Windows update, so more people will be able to use the feature after installing the patch. A critical bug fixed in Build 22000.675 crashes apps based on an issue related to.NET Framework 3.5. Some users reported a bug that causes Microsoft apps to crash. Also, Microsoft accepted this recently.

A crash problem that might delay the startup of Windows 11 by up to 40 minutes has also been fixed in Build 22000.675. There was another bug that affected subtitles on videos, and partial cuts can occur in rare circumstances when video subtitles are played. A third issue has been resolved in which the system startup process shows a Blue Screen of Death error.

Issues & Solutions:

Microsoft has just released the May update, but it has already caused issues. While KB5013943 fixes 75 vulnerabilities, it doesn’t fix a crashing bug in an application. After installing it, the problem seems to worsen.

This issue has affected those apps running .NET Framework. The latest news indicates some users have reported complaints about some apps on the Feedback Hub of Microsoft. These apps are as follows.

  1. KeePass
  2. ShareX
  3. Microsoft Teams
  4. Discord
  5. Corsair ICUE
  6. Visual Studio Installer
  7. Corsair Service

Some users are reporting an error message which is “The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000135). Click OK to close the application

Fix App Crashes in Windows 11 New Update:

You can try these solutions for preventing your system from several app crashes.

  1. Open your search bar and type “Turn Windows features on or off “

2. Click on it and a new window will pop up.

3. Uncheck these boxes and press “OK”. After this restart your PC for applying changes.

If this solution does not work for you then, you can uninstall the updates.

  1. Open Settings
  2. Search for “Windows Update” open it and go to “Update History”

3. Here scroll down and you’ll see “Uninstall Updates”

4. Click it and here you’ll find the latest version you have downloaded, uninstall it and restart your PC.

In case this solution won’t work for you then this will be due to an optional update installed on your system. Where app crashes were first reported. Then, you will need to wait until Microsoft releases a patch.

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