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What are new features in Windows 10 21H2

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With the release of the new Windows 11, the popularity of Windows 10 is not so affected. Microsoft is still updating and releasing new features for its Windows 10 users. Recently, Microsoft released an update (Version 21H2) with several new features and bugs fixes. We’ll let you know, what are new features in Windows 10 21H2.

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About 21H2 Update

Windows 10 version number (KB5013942) has been released from Microsoft on 10th May 2022. The update doesn’t have much more to deliver. It’s most probably bug fixing update rather than new features. Indeed, Windows 11 is catching users’ attention with its tons of new features and users are going for it. It’s true Microsoft is mainly focusing on the refinement of their new operating system but they also keep Windows 10 in mind. KB5013942 is a security patch, which include major annoying bug fixes.

Windows 10 21H2 Changelog

As we mentioned above, this update is a lot more bug fixes rather than new features. Microsoft claims that this update will fix a critical bug that causes Internet Explorer to stop working whenever you copy and paste any text.

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Another critical bug, which users complain about the most is fixed with this security patch. This bug causes screen blackouts whenever you sign in or out. A Microsoft Onedrive bug, where the file loses its focus when you press enter after renaming it is fixed. Various bug fixes found in Interest Panel and News. Now you’re getting Wi-fi WPA3 personal H2E support built in Windows 10 21H2. This patch has fixed a bug that causes remote desktop session to close or stop responding while waiting on sethc.exe. In addition, certain Point of Sale terminal features can occasionally delay OS startup due to a bug that was fixed.

It has been corrected that startup can take up to 40 minutes in this release. Furthermore, Microsoft has fixed a problem that caused users to run into a black screen when they signed in or out. A bug causes Kerbos authentication to fail with an error message “0xc0030009 (RPC_NT_NULL_REF_POINTER” resolved by patch. The company says it fixed an issue where Windows could stop working when it applied the Windows Defender Application Control (WDAC) policy

Previously, the News and Interests widget would appear automatically even when you didn’t click, tap, or mouse over it. This has now been fixed.

Additional bug fixes

  • Resolved a bug that incorrectly passes the Shift KeyUp event.
  • An issue is resolved that might occur when you use Netdom.exe.
  • An issue is resolved that displays the wrong IME mode indicator.
  • Resolved a bug where users no longer have access to the network drive.
  • Resolved a bug that damages a pool when a Client-Side Caching (CSC) cleanup method fails.
  • A bug is fixed where the OS uses up all memory and the same issue occurs after a restart.
  • The bug that was causing high input/output operations per second (IOPS) overhead has been fixed.

Download Link

Here is the direct 32-bit and 64-bit download link for those not getting automatic update.

Ending support for version 20H2

As of May 10, Microsoft will no longer support Windows 10 version 20H2 consumer edition. Users won’t be getting security or quality updates as a result of the end of support for Home, Pro, and Workstation.

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