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What is Cyber Warfare Definition? Different Cyber Warfare Attacks

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The definition of Cyber warfare is an area that has been growing at an exponential rate. What are the different types of cyber warfare attacks on the Internet? Find out in this blog on this website.
Cyber warfare is one of the fastest-growing areas of warfare. It is different than regular warfare as no physical damage is done.

Cyber warfare is mainly a battle of wits between hackers and the security system of the target device.
Computers are the targets as they are the devices that are most vulnerable to cyber-attacks.
Cyberwar is a topic that gets a lot of attention in the media. As a result, it’s a topic that a lot of people are afraid of. We’d like to take this blog to explain what cyber war is and why it is a subject that is worth studying.

We’ll start by looking at what is the definition of cyber warfare and then look at the different types that we can see.
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About Cyberwarfare

It can be defined as an act of attacking the databases and computer networks of one country by another in order to steal or destroy their sensitive data and interrupt network communication. The increasing importance of the Internet has made an important part of war strategy. That is why it is also called the ‘fifth field of war‘ after air, sea, land, and space.

What can Cyber attacks do?

In this new age time, Internet has grown into an elemental necessity for all of us. . Everything from the banking sector to satellite TV, journalism, education, and defense system is now operated through the Internet. Cyber attacks have the power to destroy all the things that Internet can do and this can have very severe effects on any country. Attackers can take down vital systems, disrupt infrastructure, and possibly cause physical injury by targeting the electrical grid.

Attacks on the electrical grid can also interfere with communications, making it impossible to use services like text messaging and communications. Attacking the target nation’s computer networks and databases is the major goal of cyber attackers in cyberwarfare in order to stop communication and cause financial harm to the nation.

Unlike the bloodshed committed on the actual battlefield, there is no bodily harm in the cyber war. This can involve, among other things, deactivating security systems, rockets, missiles, banking and government institutions, and media websites.

Types of Cybercrime

People have to face various cybercrime threats in their daily life. These will harm them a lot in their businesses and work. Various types of cybercrimes are mentioned below:


Phishing is one of the most basic cyber attacks performed by evildoers. In this attack, an attacker lures its victim by pretending to be a legitimate source and takes its information. For example, an attacker creates a fake clone of a well-known website and sends its link to its target. When the target clicks on it then it will gather all of its general information over the Internet.

Man in the Middle (MITM)

MITM or simply man-in-the-middle attack is second on our list. It’s a way of breaching conversations or data exchange between 2 people. For example, if an attacker sneaks between the conversation of 2 persons for the purpose of data theft then it’ll fall in the category of MITM.


DOS stands for denial of service and DDOS stands for distributed denial of services. In simple words in Denial of Services, an attacker performs a continuous attack on a machine so its services can’t be available for its users. While in Distributed Denial of Services an attacker uses multiple online devices to take down a single victim by sending fake requests.


Trojans are said to be malware that disguises itself to be safe to use but when installed on a victim’s computer then it will harm its property.


In general, spoofing describes the act of impersonating a trusted entity or device in order to manipulate you into doing something beneficial to the hacker and detrimental to you. Spoofing is when someone uses a different identity to commit an online scam.

SQL Injection

Malicious SQL code, also known as SQL injection, is used in SQL injection attacks in order to manipulate backend databases in order to access unintended information. Among the items that may be included are sensitive company information, user lists, or private information about customers.

Cross-site Scripting (XSS)

An attacker can compromise a vulnerable application’s interactions with users through cross-site scripting (also called XSS). Using it, an attacker can circumvent the same origin policy, which separates websites based on their origins.

Impacts of cyberwar

Effects of cyber warfare are also included in its definition Imagine a scenario in which all of your online activity is abruptly suspended. This will have a negative impact on people’s lives, but it will also have a significant negative impact on the overall progress of the nation. Depending on a country’s ability to handle it, the effects of cyberwar could be disastrous. Job losses, a distrust of communication, and harm to the targeted computer networks are all possible consequences.

The other factors depend on how extensive cyberwarfare is and who or what is being targeted. But there is one thing that everyone agrees on: cyberwarfare poses a serious threat to the security of any nation. This cyber warfare has led to cause physical destruction and loss of life. These attacks have paralyzed and shocked the nation and created a profound new sense of vulnerability–all this, without dropping a bomb or firing a bullet.

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