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Prince of Persia Remake: Developing Studio Changed

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A new developer has been tasked with working on the Prince of Persia Remake, a similar development to the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Ubisoft Shifting Charge from Ubisoft Pune to Ubisoft Montreal

The development of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Remake took a dramatic turn when Ubisoft announced another studio would take on the project. Yet, this change may be the best way to save a game that has faced several delays and setbacks. The latest change shows that Ubisoft wants to turn back the clock on this game to make sure it comes out in the proper form. In the same way, Final Fantasy VII Remake turned itself around to become its success.  

Ubisoft Montreal Taking Charge:

It’s not good news for Prince of Persia fans to learn they will have to wait even longer as the development of the game has moved from Ubisoft Pune and Mumbai to Ubisoft Montreal, the team that created the Sands of Time trilogy. Announced alongside a gameplay trailer in September 2020, the remake was initially assumed to release in January 2021 and was even available for pre-order at the time. However, after being delayed to March 2021.

The present status of the Prince of Persia sounds troubling. As changing engineers could prompt a more promising time to come for the title. Initially, Square Enix re-appropriated the undertaking to CyberConnect2. After being developed for a long time, Square Enix was not happy with the nature of CyberConnect2’s vision for the change and chose to assume command over improvement itself in 2017.

The organization had the option to redo the famous game in its specific manner and delivered it in 2020 to massive basic and business achievement.

Prince wall run

Square Enix had the option to haul FFVII Remake out of improvement hellfire and into the Game of The Year chosen people list by pushing past premises to arrive at top quality. Square Enix and Ubisoft were both adequately humble to admit their flaws and take the time hoped to cure them. A longer standby might frustrate fans. However, it ensures the finished result will get the regard it merits.

Visual Redesign:

The first vision for the Prince of Persia Remake was all the more a visual redesign. Due to the FFVII remake, Square Enix was able to convey undeniably more than they expected. Acquiring the game house could prompt further headways in interactivity and different regions.

The two games were key works of art for their time. Since these organizations have deep roots in the firsts. They scent that it is so vital to finish things properly. Final Fantasy VII is one of the most very much respected JRPGs ever. That’s why Square Enix realized fans wouldn’t agree to less. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time conducted mind-blowing time mechanics never seen and prepared for the aerobatic undertakings of the Assassin’s Creed series because of game chief Petris Desilets.

A lot difference between original and the remake one
Clear Difference

Fans Demand:

Though the expectation for the Prince of Persia Remake was sky-high, fans couldn’t ignore the rough gameplay in the trailer. Prince of Persia is an icon of action. It deserves the best, and its new studio shows that it understands its lineage. By not respecting these games, fans get remakes like Grand Theft Auto: The Definitive Edition, which mocks open-world games. So remaking them into low-quality messes with bugs and glitches left fans heartbroken.

Ubisoft respects the Prince of Persia Remake enough to ensure the final product leaves fans satisfied. This should be more than enough to convince you that this is a positive change. As Ubisoft Montreal is developing the game, it’ll be worth waiting for the remake.

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