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How to Unsubscribe From Quora Digest

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Quora is one of the most popular discussion platforms around the globe. Millions of people use this every day to get answers to their questions from experts and the public. You can ask your questions and people will try to give the best answers to you. Whenever you create an account on Quora, you’ll get emails from the Quora digest. Not everyone like these unwanted emails. However, they try to unsubscribe to get rid of it. In this article, I’ll give you detailed info on how to unsubscribe from Quora Digest.

how to unsubscribe from quora digest

About Quora Digest

California-based Quora is a website that allows users to answer questions socially. User questions are edited by users, and other users answer them. The website was launched on 21 June 2010 by Adam D’Angelo, who founded it on 25 June 2009. 

The site hopes to engage the user by presenting informative topics. Ads enable you to earn money in addition to getting knowledge. When people see and buy the products advertised on Quora, the companies benefit. However, users aren’t satisfied with Quora Digest despite all the features and options? Let’s talk about how to cancel.

Method #1: Via Gmail

There are plenty of ways to unsubscribe from Quora Digest. The first method is via your Gmail. You can easily unsubscribe from Quora Digest from your Gmail account. Follow these steps:

  • First, open your Gmail.
  • On the search bar type “Quora Digest”
  • You’ll see plenty of emails from Quora Digest. Open any email from Quora.
  • Scroll down, at the bottom you’ll see a link “unsubscribe” just click on it.

  • You’ll be redirected to the unsubscribe page.
  • The Quora Digest email subscription will ask you how often you would like to receive it?
  • Select “Never” from the options on the screen.
  • Now click on “Save Preferences“. Now you have unsubscribed from Quora Digest successfully.

Method #2: via Quora

You can disable directly from Quora Digest via site. Follow steps for this method.

  • First, open Quora site.
  • Log-in your account in it.
  • You’ll see your profile icon on the top right corner, click on it.
  • A side bar will open, in here you’ll see “Settings” click on it.
  • Now on the left window you’ll see “Email & Notifications” click it.
  • Scroll down. You can now unsubscribe from unwanted Quora emails under the From Quora section. 


Quora digest helps you gain knowledge about any niche you are interested in by expanding your knowledge about it. Moreover, you have the right to respond according to your own viewpoint and reasoning on this platform. It may be for a variety of reasons that some people are unhappy with their subscription, despite all the fantastic features. When users become upset with Quora Digest. They go looking for how to unsubscribe.

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