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How to Uninstall Nova Launcher on Android Complete Guide

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Everyone likes eye-catching themes and launchers for their Android smartphone. These launchers and themes make your device’s user experience even better than before. There are tons of launchers available on Playstore, which give your phone a new and trendy look. Sometimes it becomes so annoying when it comes to uninstalling a launcher from your phone, especially the Nova launcher. That’s I’m here today to give you a complete solution guide that will help you How to Uninstall Nova Launcher on an Android device.

How to Uninstall Nova Launcher on Android

What is Nova Launcher?

Nova launcher is a third-party launcher for Android. This Launcher replaces your actual home screen with a new vivid home screen including tons of customizations also, icon packs, and gestures. However, Nova Launcher 7 is the latest version of this third-party launcher. It’s one of the greatest user-friendly launchers available on the Play Store. Surprisingly, this icon theme app is for everyone and works on all phones, and supports thousands of icons.

Nova Launcher Prime

Also, there is a paid version of Nova Launcher available to those users who want to get more out of this app. You need to give it a try if you’re curious about extra features. The main features of Nova Launcher Prime are mentioned below:

  • Additional Gestures with many more gestures also, like pinching, swiping, or two-finger swiping.
  • Notification Badges you can see unread notifications easily with this feature.
  • Drawer Folder you can sort your apps with this feature.

Uninstall Nova Launcher

No doubt this launcher provides lots of functionality, customizations, and extra features to your Android device. But it’s also a bit tricky to uninstall it if it’s set as your default launcher. Because when you set it as your default launcher the delete or uninstall button disappears. Don’t worry follow these methods and you’ll get a solution to this problem for sure. As soon as you see the message “Backup created”, the process is complete. At last, now you can uninstall Nova Launcher.

First Backup Your Data

It’s most important to make a backup of your data first before doing anything. For this open your Nova Launcher Settings and go to Backup & Import Settings. Here you can also get some interesting advanced options to change. Making a backup of your data is easy. Just tap Backup and You can then choose a different storage device based on the date of the backup. Nova Launcher backup files are stored here. Click OK when you’re finished.  

Solution #1: (Uninstall from Settings)

While Nova Launcher is set as your default launcher. You cannot uninstall it from your phone’s settings. These methods can vary from different Android companies, I’m showing you for Xiaomi device.

  1. Firstly, go to your mobile’s Settings.

2. Here scroll down and you’ll find the Home Screen option.

How to Uninstall Nova Launcher on Android

3. Here you’ll see the Default Launcher option

Image Representing Default Home Screen Settings

4. Now select your System Launcher and you’ll get your default home screen back.

5. After this open your Apps Settings and search for Nova7 here, as Nova7 is the latest version.

Image Representing Nova7 Settings

6. Now click on Uninstall and this will delete the Nova7 Launcher.

Solution #2: Direct Uninstall

Nova Launcher can be uninstalled with this method. Not much is required of you for this. If you long-press on Nova Launcher, you can directly remove it from your phone.

This can be accomplished by long-pressing the Nova launcher in the app drawer. The uninstall icon will appear when you long-press. Tapping it will remove Nova Launcher.

Search & Uninstall

This method might be easier for you. In order to do so, you need to open your app drawer. Once it’s opened, you’ll get a search bar at the top, and all the apps on your phone will appear below. Afterward, search Nova Launcher in the search bar; you will see the icon for Nova Launcher as soon as you search it. Click it long enough to see its details. Afterward, you’ll see three or four options, including the option of uninstalling. You will be able to uninstall Nova Launcher from your mobile as soon as you tap on the Uninstall option and click on OK.

Solution #3: Delete Launcher via Playstore

Even if Nova Launcher has been set as your default home app, you can uninstall it from the Google Play Store. You can remove apps directly from your phone by clicking the Uninstall button in the Google Play Store. For this method you simply need to open your Playstore, here search for Nova7 on the search bar Open it and you’ll see Uninstall option here. Remember !!! The default home (UI) app will be reset when you uninstall Nova Launcher while it is active on your phone.

Image Representing Nova Launcher Uninstall options on Playstore

Simply click on Uninstall and it’ll wipe it out from your phone.

Solution #4: Using Safe Mode

This method is not recommended because it’s a bit technical and consumes time. When your Android phone is in safe mode, it will begin running the original software and apps that came with it, while it will disable any third-party apps installed on the phone. You can now uninstall Nova Launcher from your phone typically once you’ve entered safe mode. Hold your phone’s power button down to enable safe mode. In order to enter safe mode, you must then tap and hold the power off button for a few seconds. Select “Safe mode” from the menu.

You can find Nova Launcher by going to Settings > Apps > Nova Launcher after your phone restarts. You can confirm the uninstall by tapping the “OK” button. Congratulations!

Top 10 Best Alternatives for Nova Launcher in 2022

There are much more alternatives available for the replacement of the Nova Launcher that you should try in 2022. These can be suitable for many users who’re looking for the best alternatives to Nova Launcher. Here is the list of the most handpicked alternative launchers in 2022.

  1. Pie Launcher
  2. POCO Launcher
  3. Microsoft Launcher
  4. Apex Launcher
  5. Pixel Launcher
  6. Hyperion Launcher
  7. AIO Launcher
  8. Niagra Launcher
  9. ADW Launcher 2
  10. XOS Launcher

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