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How to fix Windows 11 battery drain 2022 [solved]

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Last year, Windows 11 was released with tons of features and eye candy. This time Microsoft gave its OS a refreshed, minimalistic, and MacOS like the look. Just like any other operating system Windows, 11 is also packed with various bugs and flaws which users complained about from time to time. Battery draining is one of those issues. Here we’ll provide suggestions to you for how to fix Windows 11 battery drain 2022. Your battery will last longer after applying these fixes for sure.

picture representing windows 11 battery drain

Reasons for Windows 11 battery drain

One of the major reasons for too much battery drainage will be your old or faulty battery. But there must be some other factors too that cause your Windows to drain the battery faster. Let’s discuss these factors.

  • Unwanted background processes will be a major factor in the problem.
  • Setting up the laptop’s screen to a high refresh rate will also be a reason because the higher the refresh rate more processing power will require which will lead to battery drain.
  • Turning on the fast start-up feature will also be a reason
  • The old battery, as the battery ages lose its charging and discharging capacity, and as a result, you’ll notice fewer charging cycles, the best solution for this is to replace it with the new one.
  • Turning on the high-performance mode will also consume more battery.
  • An outdated Windows 11 version also be a cause.

Force stop unwanted background processes

Unnecessary background processes are always resource hungry. Turn them off immediately for the sake of your battery life. Here is how to fix it.

  • Search for task manager in the Windows search bar. You can also use shortcut keys for it press Ctrl + Shift + Esc.
  • Here check for those programs which look unnecessary to you. Right-click on them and select the end task to terminate them.

Lower your screen refresh rate

Screen refresh rate is the response time of refreshing your screen. If your system is compatible with a high screen refresh rate and you have enabled it too, then you’ll need to set it on default settings which is 60hz. Try this fix for it.

  • Go to your Settings
  • Open Display Settings
  • Here scroll down and you’ll see Advanced Display
  • Click on it and you’ll see an option showing your screen refresh rate. If it’s set on 60hz then no need to change it.

Turn off fast startup option

There is a fast startup option that, you can enable to lessen your booting time. This feature also consumes battery and resources. You can disable it with these possible fixes.

  • Open Windows search bar, here search for Control Panel
  • Open Hardware and Sound
  • Click Power Options
  • Click on Choose what the power button does  from options on left side
  • Here uncheck the Turn on fast startup box
image showing option for turning off startup fix Windows 11 battery drain 2022

Turn off High Performance Mode

Everyone loves the fast and responsive performance of their device but it costs battery drainage too. Here try this fix to optimize battery consumption.

  • Open Settings
  • Click on System
  • Here click on Power & battery
  • Here set option to Best power efficiency
Image showing battery power options

Update your Windows 11 asap

Certain updates will also cause this issue. It’s always a good option to keep your system up to date.

  • Open system Settings
  • In the bottom left window pane select Windows Update
  • Click it and here click on Check for Updates
Image showing Windows update

Turn on Battery Saver

Set your battery consumption option to battery saver, your battery will last longer when you enable it. It will lower background processes and some animations too.

  • Click on your battery settings
  • Here you’ll see a battery saver option click it
  • Here you’ll see an option Turn on Now

Changing video play back settings

Changing settings for video playback will have an impact on battery usage. Try this fix for it.

  • Open system Settings
  • On the left window pane select Apps
  • Here select Video playback
  • Set Optimize for battery life at battery options settings

Try running power troubleshooting

Windows support tons of built-in troubleshooting options. You can use troubleshoot to solve various battery-related issues. Here try this fix

  • Open system Settings
  • Click on System on the left pane
  • Here click on Other troubleshooters
  • Click on Run next to Power
  • After this process reboots your system for the proper appliance of fix.

Here’re some fixes for today’s (How to fix Windows 11 battery drain issue 2022) topic. See you soon in the next tech news, till then see ya ๐Ÿ™‚

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