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How to Fix Lag on Apex Legends Mobile

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The most awaited game Apex Legends has been released for Mobile platforms on 17th May 2022. It’s a battle royale-based game. Apex Legends has proven to be a good rival for its competitors. For example, PUBG Mobile, Freefire, and Call of Duty Mobile. Being a newly released game for mobile platform users are facing several lag issues. These lags can be fixed by the company with their next updates. But till then many possible fixes are available that you need to try right away for a better gameplay experience. Here is how to fix lag on Apex Legends Mobile.

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Minimum Requirements

Before applying any fixes make sure your device is compatible enough to match the requirements of the game. Here’re the minimum requirements that your device must match.

  1. If you’re an Android user, then your device should at least have Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 Soc.
  2. If you’re an IOS user, then you must have at least an iPhone 6.
  3. At least, 2GB of free space will be required for the game.
  4. Android 6.0+ is necessary.
  5. 4GB of RAM is mandatory.

If your device matches the above system requirements then you’re eligible for playing the game and also you can apply these fixes mentioned below.

Try Changing In-Game Settings

It is possible to prevent lag by adjusting the settings in-game. Make the following changes to the display settings to begin. Adaptive smoothening should be on and change your image quality to smooth. Set frame rate control at extremely high. You may wish to turn off dynamic shadows, refraction quality, Anti-aliasing, and Character Halo in the advanced settings now. It will be a little less graphically impressive after making these changes, but it can still be played on mobile devices.

Make Sure Background Apps are Off

You must allocate all of your device’s RAM to Apex Legends Mobile if you want to play smoothly. Opening many apps in the background takes up a lot of RAM on a phone. Closing background apps increase your RAM, which reduces lag.

Clean up Junk

On your home screen, press long on the game to clean up the phone. Getting rid of the App Cache will help free up space on your device. Also, you can do this for other apps. If you clean up the phone before playing a game, the lag will be significantly reduced.

Change Internet Settings

It’s common for people not to check their internet speed before launching the game, which is why they experience lag. It would be a good idea to play some online videos to see how long it takes to load. You might want to try rebooting your router if it’s taking too long. Stop background downloads as they take up most of your internet bandwidth. Another important measure is to use a network with few connected devices to reduce lag.

Turn off Battery Saver

It is highly detrimental to your device’s performance if you enable the battery saver. The battery saver prolongs the life of your battery while reducing the amount of power consumed by a device that is draining it quickly. Therefore, turning it off will improve your device’s performance. Before launching Apex Legends Mobile, make sure the battery saver mode is off.

Must Use a Game Booster

The majority of Android phones come with pre-installed game boosters these days. This greatly enhances your gaming experience. Your CPU and GPU resources are maintained and utilized intelligently when you use a Game booster. It is possible to download it from Playstore if your device is not equipped with a built-in booster. It always is a good choice to use a game booster.

Use a Junk Cleaner App

The Android operating system also features a junk cleaner app, just like its in-built game boosters. It removes all unnecessary files from your mobile. If your in-built junk cleaner doesn’t work well then you can install a good junk cleaner app from Playstore. We’ll suggest you try these junk cleaner apps. This will definitely improve your gaming experience.

  1. Ccleaner
  2. SD Maid
  3. Norton Clean
  4. Files by Google
  5. Droid Optimizer
  6. Ace Cleaner
  7. AVG Cleaner
  8. Avast Cleanup & Boost
  9. All-in-one Toolbox
  10. One Booster

Update you OS

Your operating system should be updated from time to time to eliminate bugs. Updating OS might solve your lag problems and other issues. Keeping your phone optimized will help it operate more efficiently. Also, it makes your phone more secure and less prone to bugs.

Try These Display Settings

Other Settings

For a more improved gaming experience try these settings also. You’ll like it.

  1. One-Tap ADS and Fire: OFF
  2. Auto-Firing: OFF
  3. Left Fire Button: ON
  4. Bolt-Action Sniper Mode: Tap to Fire
  5. Semi-Auto Shotgun Mode: Tap to Fire
  6. ADS Button Rotates Camera: OFF
  7. ADS Mode: Hold
  8. Aim Assist: ON
  9. TPP Optic: Classic
  10. Auto-Open Doors: ON
  11. Auto-Open Chests: ON
  12. Weapon Auto-Cycle on empty: ON
  13. Continuous Throwing: ON
  14. Tactical Ability Release Method: Classic
  15. Ultimate Use Method: Classic
  16. Use the Jump Button to Rotate the Camera: ON
  17. Use the Crouch Button to Rotate the Camera: ON
  18. Slide Jump Control; Classic
  19. Crouching Controls: Tap
  20. Joystick Triggers Auto-run: ON
  21. Allow Squadmate Control When Offline: ON
  22. Climbing Control Mode: Classic
  23. Climbing Prompt: OFF
  24. Zipline Button Settings: Display
  25. Verticle Zipline Interact Button: ON
  26. Riding on Zipline Modes; Single Tap
  27. Verticle Zipline Direction Tips: ON
  28. Assisted Zipline Floor Landing: OFF
  29. Auto-Turn on Verticle Ziplines: OFF
  30. Linked Sensitivity Adjustment: OFF
  31. FPS without ADS
  • Aiming: 200%
  • Shooting: 60%
  • TPP Without ADS
    • Aiming: 200%
    • Shooting: 70%
  • Iron Sights 1x Optic ADS
    • Aiming: 45%
    • Shooting: 45%
  • 2x Optic ADS
    • Aiming; 36%
    • Shooting 36%
  • 3x Optic ADS
    • Aiming: 26%
    • Shooting: 26%
  • 4x Optic ADS
    • Aiming: 24%
    • Shooting: 24%
  • 6x Optic ADS
    • Aiming: 18%
    • Shooting: 18%
  • 8x Optic ADS
    • Aiming 14%
    • Shooting: 14%

32. Auto-pickup: ON

33. When the pickup list is closed, stop auto-pickup: OFF

34. Hide pickup list during combat: ON

35. Auto-picking interval: Short

36. Hold to toggle interval: Short

That’s all the possible settings for a lag fix on Apex Legends Mobile. Hope these will work for you. Check out the lag fix solution for Apex Legends PC.

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