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How to Check Twitch Chat Logs 2022

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Many good reasons exist for looking at the chat history of a Twitch user. Our guide will show you how you can check chat logs on Twitch whether you’re a streamer, mod, or viewer. With the recent Twitch updates, it’s become much easier to view your chat logs, and knowing how to do that may be useful during your streaming career. Let’s dive into the depth of how to check twitch chat logs in 2022.

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What is Twitch?

Twitch is a streaming platform founded in 2011. Originally, it was a division of with a focus on gaming. Gamers use Twitch to live stream their gameplay. Despite its popularity among non-gamers, Twitch receives 15 million users every single day. In addition, to live and recorded broadcasts, Twitch also offers a range of content including music, talks, sports, travel, and food.

What is Twitch Chat Log?

While watching streams, viewers can engage with streamers in Twitch chat. During a streaming session, Twitch’s chat logs record comments made in the channel chat box. Depending on the size of your streaming channel, your entire chat log could be 1 page or a 500-page. Monitoring and moderating communities on Twitch can be accomplished by checking chat logs and taking the required measures. A streamer or moderator can remove inappropriate comments using the Twitch chat logs, and suspend users for breaking the rules.

Is it Good to Check Chat Logs?

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Viewers will enjoy a better experience if you check your Twitch chat logs. Going through the comments will help you in making check and balancing your content. Comments will let you know the response of the audience whether they like your stream or not. It helps in the improvement and management of your content. Understanding your audience is paramount to your success in streaming – who they are, what they like or dislike, and their expectations. As viewers express their thoughts in the chat, you can get an idea of what they are thinking.


In addition to asking specific questions about the stream, you may also bounce ideas off your viewers, and track their feedback. The answers you get will often reveal a lot about the needs of your viewers.

Check Audience Reaction

You will be able to deliver better streams if you can measure live reactions from your audience. In the chat, viewers can discuss their opinions freely due to their anonymity, so you will be able to figure out what’s working and what’s not.

Remove Unwanted Comments

You can browse the chat logs in order to remove unwanted comments and report users who are violating the terms. You can even be reprimanded by Twitch if you allow your viewers to engage in abusive behavior.

Review Moderator Decisions

The moderators can make mistakes, and sometimes they decide the wrong thing. By reviewing the Twitch chat logs, you can determine whether or not user actions that were taken against them are justified.

Where to Check Chat Logs?

There are tons of ways to check Twitch chat logs in 2022. You can follow these methods below to gain access to your chat logs.

User Search Command

By using the user search command in Twitch, you can identify specific streamers based on their usernames. You can enter it into your chatbox too, as it’s a simple command. The command provides information about a specific Twitch user, including their chat logs, as well as data about their specific username.

  • Type ‘/user’ followed by the user’s username into the chat box of your channel

The comments that are made by that particular user in the stream chat will now be displayed on Twitch.

Video on Demand

Recording and playing back your VODs is possible on Twitch. You can record your streams in their entirety and play them back later on Twitch. You can now view specific comment threads during VODs since Twitch allows chat recordings. When you need to refer to Twitch chat logs older than two weeks, this is not always the best method. Newer streamers have even fewer recordings available, as affiliates only have their last two weeks of videos.

Use 3rd Party Programs

You can also use 3rd party programs, such as Chatty if the methods Twitch provides you aren’t sufficient. Chat logs can be kept for a long period of time with these programs. You will be unable to view any comments that your moderators and/or you have removed. Chatty is extremely easy to use.

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Using the IRC-like client for their platform, you can join any channel you’d like (including your own). If necessary, your chat logs can be downloaded.

Through Chat Moderator View

The chat in the stream is available to moderators if they have access. The chat logs can be accessed by moderators in Twitch simply by entering the moderator view. In the bottom-right corner of the screen, click on the sword icon to enter the mod view. View the chat history of any viewer by clicking on their username.

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Twitch Chat Bots

Twitch chat bots becomes very handful for twitch streamers. You can perform various automotive tasks like collecting chat data, filter data and also help with the moderation. It was not part of the bot to review chat logs. Thus, if your VODs do not include those previous chats, you will lose that audience data. Most popular chat bots are mentioned below.

  • OWN3D Pro
  • Nightbot
  • Moobot
  • StreamElements
  • Coebot
  • Wizebot
  • Phantombot
  • Stay Hydrated Bot

That’s all for today’s topic how to check twitch chat logs 2022. See you later in the next tech news, till then see ya ๐Ÿ™‚

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