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Call of Duty Warzone: Monarch Event Going Live

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The Call of Duty Warzone: Operation Monarch event will soon be available for fans. So, when do we see Godzilla and King Kong on Call of Duty? We’ve outlined what COD fans can expect as well as when Operation Monarch is scheduled to be released.

call of duty warzone operation monarch event

About Operation Monarch Event:

In Call of Duty, the development team is currently working on Operation Monarch. It is definitely to be the next major launch of the game. A new report indicates that Operation Monarch will be a limited-time event that revolves around King Kong and Godzilla joining the Caldera map. Players will compete in quads to control two titans using a small group of players. The game’s developers have said that players will need to fill a meter by performing certain actions while avoiding elimination. We’ll have to wait to see how the final product works when it releases later this week to find out how players can respawn. Check the cinematic trailer here

Release Date of Event:

In a statement, Activision confirmed Godzilla vs King King will begin on May 11, 2022. Operation Monarch’s release time has been scheduled for 5 pm BST, which would be 9 am PT for those in North America. As of yet, it is unclear if Operation Monarch will require another major update. Currently available version contains all the game files included.

Call of Duty Warzone Operator Bundles:

It is already possible to purchase the Tracer Pack: Godzilla Reactive Mastercraft bundle before the Operation Monarch event. There are 9 items in the bundle, each costing 2,400 CoD points ($20). The package includes the Godzilla Ghillie skin, the Breath of Godzilla assault rifle, the Awakened Alpha light machine gun, and more.  

Godzilla Ghillie Suit & Kong Themed Suit

Operation Monarch gives King Kong a lot to look forward to. It consists of three Legendary rarity blueprints: the “Temple of Kong” sniper rifle, the “Skull Island Shaker” submachine gun that shoots jungle green tracers, as well as the “Skål Crusher” melee weapon. Additionally, Kong’s bundle contains a finishing move, a spray, an animated emblem, and a Vanguard-exclusive introduction.

Mechagodzilla Suit

Last but not least is the 9-item Tracer Pack: Mechagodzilla bundle, featuring the Mechagodzilla Operator Skin for Constanze. Vanguard exclusive items include an MVP Highlight and the highlight intro with the Mechagodzilla bundle. At 2,400 CoD points per pack, Kong and Mechagodzilla will also be priced the same as Godzilla’s bundle.

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