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20 Best Telegram Bots That Everyone Should Know [Updated]

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Bots are always high in demand when it comes to task automation. Various types of bots are available online for different types of tasks. Bots are believed to be a sigh of relief in making day-to-day tasks easier. For example, if you want to gather a specific kind of data in a Telegram group. Then bots come in handy in these types of activities. In today’s article, I’ll guide you with some best telegram bots available. So let’s get dive into it.

best telegram bots
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What is Telegram?

Telegram was created by Russian brothers Pavel and Nikolai Durov in 2013. The messaging platform is widely known for its high-security standards, which even encompass government agencies and big businesses. By using Telegram, users can ensure their messages are encrypted and private. You can use Telegram to communicate with companies and businesses, as well as play games and use interesting apps. There are over 6,000 bots available to use on Telegram. These bots can automate tasks and make life easier for users. We’ve gathered the best Telegram bots for you to try.

What is Telegram Bot?

Telegram bots are one of the most interesting and creative ways to increase interaction on social media. They can send a daily news update, post funny pictures, or even more serious stuff.

These are not officially created by Telegram instead they are developed by third-party developers through Telegram Bot API. There are different types of tasks they can perform on Telegram from sending you useful information to getting things done automatically and integrating with other services. Some of the bots also have AI features that can interact with you like a normal human. Now let’s see the list of best bots for Telegram that you should definitely use –

1. Game Bot

2. Skeddy

3. HotelBot

4. Yandex. Translate

5. Dr.Web

6. VoteBot

7. Quiz from Panda

8. Lyric Bot

9. YouTube Bot

10. VK Music Bot

11. IFTTT Bot

12. URL Shortener Bot

13. Meme Auto Bot

14. URL2IMG Bot

15. File Converter Bot

16. AirTrack Bot

17. IMDB Bot

18. SongID Bot

19. Crypto Whale Bot

20. Remove Join Group Msg Bot

Game Bot

game bot

Is there a more enjoyable way to pass the time than playing games? You may unwind by playing entertaining games on Telegram with the Game bot. Telegram is preferable to Whatsapp for several reasons, one of which is that you can actually play games on it. There are options for everyone, including games for two players, group games, and solo games. The majority of games require you to enter a game bot or add one to the conversation in order to choose them. Check out our list of entertaining Telegram games below! that the following game types should definitely be used.

1. Mini-game Emoji

2. Quizarium

3. Hangbot


skeddy telegram bot

You can tell the Skeddy bot to set an alarm by adding a reminder with a title and a date. When the appropriate moment has come, the reminder tool will let you know and you’ll get a Telegram notification. Pretty simple, yes? No matter how essential the things in the future are, it’s difficult to recall them when your schedule is tight and your head is full of hundreds of thoughts. The reminders are useful in this situation. You can use the Skeddy bot to establish reminders for forthcoming events, and the bot will be entirely responsible for alerting you to those events.


A messaging program called Telegram was made available in 2013. Since then, it has grown in popularity as a rapid and simple form of communication. As businesses became aware of the advantages of using Telegram for customer service and general communication, they began to do so. Some businesses took things a step further and began utilizing Telegram for marketing functions. Why not use Telegram bots to make hotel reservations if you already use it so much? No matter where you are, you may filter the hotels based on popularity and pricing. It is possible to instantly view hotel photos and make a reservation.

Yandex Translate

All chat messages will be translated by these Telegram bots so that everyone may communicate with one another. Use Translate Bot to talk with your new acquaintances without any language hurdles by selecting the language you want your conversion to be in.

Dr. Web

By validating files and links as they are exchanged via Telegram, this bot can ensure their security.

By hitting the “Send Message” button in your Telegram app, you can start a conversation with the Dr.Web bot.

We recommended you always scan any links you receive. The first antivirus bot on Telegram is Dr.Web. Simply copy and paste the link, and the bot will indicate whether or not it is clean.


You can make polls with this bot and distribute them to your friends. It is preferable to solicit your friends’ votes. Create a question with two possible answers with this wonderful bot. Once the poll has been generated. Share the issue and then watch for your friends to cast their votes.

Quiz From Panda

More than 2000 questions, hints, and rankings in the Panda quiz. 🐼

You may begin the Panda quiz by clicking the Start button at the top of this page or by adding it to a Group that you control.

For this bot, there are no reviews yet. Check your knowledge on several topics by taking a quiz from a panda. There will be questions that carry a particular number of points, and you must gain more and more points

Lyric Bot

Obtains song lyrics from multiple sources and offers connections to SoundCloud, Spotify, and YouTube. is a scribbler. You may instantly check the lyrics of any song on Telegram with the help of the Lyrics bot. Even if you can’t recall the song’s name, just type a brief description of it or the name of the artist, and the bot will cleverly find that song or song by that artist.

Youtube Bot

The list of the top Telegram YouTube Downloader Bot for downloading YouTube videos is what we have for you today.

You can now find every type of video content on YouTube, which has developed into a tremendous platform. YouTube is becoming more than simply a social media platform; it is part of everyday life.

VK Music Bot

Here’s something for fans of music. A wonderful Telegram bot for finding any music from around the world is VK Music Bot. This user-friendly bot can email you a specific song as well as a list of all the songs by a specific artist. You will see more songs in the search results if they have names that are similar to or the same as the music you requested so you won’t miss it. Once you’ve located the song you want in the list, just click the corresponding number. The music is available for direct listening as well as for local device download.


This bot may link your Telegram channels and groups to other third-party platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and others. The condition-based bot IFTTT performs an action when a specific condition is met. You must register an account in order to use the IFTTT bot. Once the account has been created, you can utilize the group messages as a trigger to start an external event.

This bot may seem a little strange at first, but once you figure out how it works, you’ll find that it’s actually extremely helpful. You must designate the bot as an administrator for each Telegram channel or group where you wish it to participate after adding it to your account. This video demonstrates how to make the IFTTT bot the administrator of a certain Telegram channel.

URL Shortner Bot

When the links are lengthy and uncomfortable to share, content providers struggle to have their content shared on internet platforms. Short linkages, on the other hand, have a neat appearance and are obvious. Here is a tool to shorten URLs for you. You must paste the link you wish to shorten into the bot once you have it in your possession. You can choose from a number of providers to help shorten the URL that is sent to you. Now you have your new shortened link available in the next instant. Now duplicate it and distribute it everywhere you like.

Meme Auto Bot

Want to use a photo of yourself to make a meme? It’s quite easy to do this thanks to Meme Auto Bot. You can add text to your image without using a photo editing tool. Start this Telegram bot, then transmit the photo you wish to turn into a meme. The text you want to put on the top and bottom of your photo will then be requested from you. Use the semicolon (;) character to divide them. BOOM! As you send the text, The text will appear on your photo as a sticker that you will instantly receive. Your meme will be ready in a split second.


The URL2IMG bot lets you use the Telegram app to capture a snapshot of the website, as the name would imply. It takes time to open the browser, load the website, and then take a screenshot of it. You only need to enter the website’s URL into this bot’s input field to obtain a screenshot image. You can indeed ask for it as a PNG file, which will be a lot clearer if it’s difficult to read.

File Converter Bot

You always search for an app or web application when you need to convert a file from one format to another. File Converter is the next bot on our list of the top bots. This bot is unique in that it is a multi-format file converter capable of converting documents, videos, audio, photos, and other types of files. When you give a file to it, it will automatically analyze it and then display a number of formats in which you can convert it. The conversion of the file to the format you choose just takes a few seconds thanks to the bot’s perfect operation. It’s one of the very handy Telegram bots ever.

AirTrack Bot

You may use AirTrack, another helpful Telegram bot, to look up flights and monitor ticket pricing. The bot will enquire about your language preference, location, preferred currency, and search criteria. You must then input the dates and the cities of your arrival and departure. After that, AirTrack will conduct a database search and locate all the flights. You may both directly purchase a ticket and compare costs from various sources. A premium subscription is also available for AirTrack Bot, giving you access to additional services like choosing a specific flight to track, more frequent checking of ticket prices, and a few more.


You may already be aware of IMDB, the most well-liked website for rating films, television shows, and online series. On Telegram, the IMDB Bot may be used to discover and share new movies. All of your chats and groups will automatically have the bot working. Simply enter @imdb in the message box, then write your query there. Don’t hit the send button yet. You’ll then see a panel with the suggested movies. After choosing a film, you will see all of its details, including its running length, directors, actors, genres, etc. In addition, you will receive a link to the IMDB website, where you may read reviews and ratings for movies.

SongID Bot

It appears nearly impossible to identify the song you just listened to without the correct lyrics. A tune that sticks in your head will irritate you until you can identify it. Although it doesn’t always work, you might try searching Google using some of the song’s random lyrics. The SongID bot will save you at this point. It’s one of the greatest Telegram bots for music identification, comparable to Shazam. With a Telegram Audio Message, you can send a recording of the music that is now playing in the area. Additionally, this bot has the ability to search for music in videos and direct links to websites like Deezer, Spotify, and YouTube.

Crypto Whale Bot

You should absolutely check out this Telegram bot if you are a crypto investor. You may access the most recent three-day chart and pricing information for any cryptocurrency. In addition to offering you information on cryptocurrency prices, Crypto Whale Bot also has other helpful functions like bringing you the most recent news, market movers, and ICOs. To receive additional cryptocurrency updates, you can subscribe to the bot’s official channel. In addition, there is a community chat where you can interact with other cryptocurrency fans and get trading advice from professionals.

Remove Join Group Msg Bot

The join messages flooding your group on Telegram is the most aggravating thing. When a new member joins the group, Telegram sends a message that says, “… joined the group.” The same applies to situations where a member of the group leaves. Although Telegram doesn’t have a setting to disable this, you can always create a bot to accomplish this. Remove Group Join Message Bot to do this for you, please. Therefore, all you need to do is add this bot to your group and give it the ability to remove messages as an administrator. After that, it will keep an eye out for joint communications in your group and promptly delete them. This is an excellent Telegram bot that will assist you in maintaining your discussion.

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