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AMD Zen 4 CPU emerges but disappears after a while

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AMD’s next-gen CPUs based on their incredible Zen 4 technology appears on databases. But, after some time it just got vanished from the sites. It seems AMD is preparing for a massive surprise for its competitors. We’ll tell you the latest news about the upcoming AMD Zen 4 CPU.

picture showing upcoming and Zen 4

What’s AMD Zen Technology?

It was back in Feb 2017, when AMD introduces its first Ryzen series processor based on Zen technology. Zen was the codename used for the computer processor microarchitecture from AMD. The first-gen Zen processor was Ryzen 1000 series. AMD’s Ryzen 1000 series went head to head with Intel’s 6th gen CPUs and gave it a very tough competition. It was a revolutionary point for AMD because its reputation was not good in the past. But, Ryzen gave it a real rise and now it becomes the most preferable CPU for gamers.


Everything about upcoming Zen so far

We’re not expecting the release of AMD Zen 4 before the second half of 2022, but the leaks are making AMD users very curious about their upcoming masterpiece. A Twitter user Petykemano posted some exciting leaks that he picked from He revealed about upcoming Ryzen 7000 (Raphael) processor, which has a 100-000000666-20_Y identifier. The processor is clocked on 5.21Ghz, which is truly remarkable. Also, it houses 8-cores and 16-threads. It has integrated AMD GFX1036 graphics with it. Also, it is made on a 5nm fabrication process which is most latest for now.

After revealed of leaks from the Twitter user, removed it from its database. Thanks to the “Wayback Machine” you can still see the deleted info here. By judging its identifier name and its graphics chip, we can assume that it’s Ryzen 7 7600X or Ryzen 7 7600G. The clock speed of 5.21Ghz is a major upgrade over the previous-gen Ryzen 9 5950X, which has a clock speed of 4.9Ghz. This will be a serious performance over haul of Zen 4 technology over Zen 3.

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